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Message of ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, ...

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07 Jan 2013 

Israeli Broadcasting Corporation Film: How to Manage a Successful Business in Israel

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06 Jan 2013 

9/11 Looking Back

Read it here: 
When I was only six years old, I climbed up to the top of the North tower two months before September 11. I remember it was a clear and sunny day. When I went up to the top, the entire rooftop was inside a cloud. I could barely see anything. Then I got the idea of hopping on the floor. Afterwards, I said, "This building will never come down".

Two months later, I started the First Grade at Dutch Neck. It was three to four days before September 11.

On September 11, 2001, I ate breakfast which was eggs and milk. I rode the bus and came to school as usual. I sat down in my seat and prepared to for class. It was only first grade. I remember reading a book before the announcement came on. The secretary said, " As of 8:45 of this morning, the North Tower of the World Trade Center was bombed". At the sound of those few words, my hear dropped. I immediately though who would bomb the world trade center. I was young and I was a lot more tolerant than those Americans living in the Midwest. I had Muslim friends. I never thought of the connection because I knew at that point that the people who killed innocent people were not human and were not Muslims. They were a form of the devil. Osama Bin Laden self described himself as a Muslim, but in the Islamic faith, Muhammad would never call for violence against others. Muhammad taught peace and tolerance like Jesus.
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06 Jan 2013 


Read it here:

This year like 2008 is an election year. An election year puts many things into focus. Some of these things include religion, income, previous occupations, etc. Last time it was Senator Barack Obamaversus Senator John McCain. There were not many controversies involving religion back in 2008. Now, it is President Barack Obama, the Protestant, against former governor Willard Mitt Romney, the Mormon. The belief that Mormonism is bad comes from America's Evangelical Christian roots. However, what is Mormonism? What do Mormons believe? Why have other Christians been so offended by them? I will answer all these questions in this article.

First, Mormon is only a colloquial term for latter day Saint because the official church name is the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints. I am only using Mormon in this article for people to understand. People commonly refer to Latter Day Saints as Mormons because people who follow the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints read the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon is only one of three scriptures that Latter Day Saints must read. The first one is the Bible, the second is the Book of Mormon, and the third is the Doctrine of Covenants.

Originally, people named the lost testament of God as the Book of Moroni, which was coincidentally the same name as the angel who told Joseph Smith where to find the ancient Hebrew metal plates. When Joseph Smith translated the metal plates and republished it in English, he named this new testament of God as the Book of Mormon. According to the Book of Mormon, the book is a sacred record of people who lived in ancient Americas. The Book of Mormon was an ancient text written in Hebrew on metal plates. There are four metal plates and each detail a different event. Nephi, Mormon, Ether, and Brass are the names of the four metal plates found by Joseph Smith. It was lost for thousands of years until an angel by the name of Moroni came to Joseph Smith in Smith's dreams. When Smith woke up, the angel was there and the angel commanded him to dig up the Book of Mormon and translate it for the world. He took the story to his father and his father said that it was the word of God. Smith must do what the angel commands. On May 2, 1838, the world recovered a long lost testament of God and became closer to enlightenment. People may believe that Smith was hallucinated or dreaming; however, there are signatures of the witnesses of the angel Moroni.

Second, while the bible is about Christ's followers living in Jerusalem, the Book of Mormon is about Jesus Christ not his followers. This new testament of Jesus Christ has the purpose to "bring Jew and Gentile to the conviction that Jesus is the Christ, the eternal God manifesting itself unto all nations" (Book of Mormon). They also believe that evidence of truth and validity lies within the covers of the book itself. The book contains the word of God and the last witness of Jesus Christ. People believe the words of God as the outline to saving truths of the everlasting gospel that came forth from the gift and power of God. Latter Day saints also believe that when nations walk in fear and obedience of God, the nation prospers. However, when the nation walks in disregards to God, they decay. Unless arrested by righteousness, this decay will ultimately lead to impotence and death.

Third, Mormonism is commonly associated with polygamy. However, the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints, which Joseph Smith created in the 1830s and became its first president, outlawed polygamy in 1890. Most of the members of the church practice monogamy as stated in the Book Mormon in Jacob Chapter 2.

These are the three main basic points that most people should understand about Mormonism.

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06 Jan 2013 

Spider Man Turn off the Dark

Read it here:

What makes Spider-Man appeal to me? May it is the high flying, jaw-dropping, and action packed adventure. May it is the four dimensional experience with the actors. The most likely reason is that I grew up watching the Spider-Man films and reading the Spider Man comic books just like I grew up reading Harry Potter books and watching Harry Potter movies. This musical has good music and an engaging cast.

First I am very familiar with the early stages of Peter Parker's adventure as Spider Man; therefore, I focused more on the musical portion of the performance. Though at times, I feel that the actors are not as strong singers as the actors in Phantom of the Opera, the film captures an important moment in high school. Their singing performance is outstanding compared to high school students now. For example, the best singing was done when Peter and Mary Jane had a duet when they were sitting in the balcony together.

Not only was the music great, but also the set design really impressed me. Phantom of the Opera and Beauty and Beast had great set design, but Spider Man had a set that was able to allow the actors greater mobility across the theater. They were able to break the barrier set up between the audience and the cast. This set was designed to give the audience the greatest theater experience possible. They were able to recreate the Brooklyn Bridge and the Chrysler building to make the battle between Green Goblin believable. Although Spider man faced some technical trouble, the high flying superhero made a great show for us.

Spider Man Turn Off the Dark had a great story that was based off the original comics written by Stan Lee. It used brilliant music created by Bono and it was sung by a great cast. To further our experience, they created a complex set that allowed Spider Man and Green Goblin to battle on a set that allows greater mobility. They are also able to interact with the audience more often just like in the films. The films allowed the superheroes to interact with average New Yorkers. The musical allowed interaction between the cast and New Yorkers in the audience.
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06 Jan 2013 

Skyfall review

read it here:

A dark hallway steps out a shady man. His name is Bond. People call him James Bond. Skyfall is the twenty third James Bond film. It is Daniel Craig's third appearance as James Bond. What makes me attracted to Skyfall? Maybe it is the dramatic music sung by Adele. It could also be the high flying, jaw dropping, and action packed scenes. It could also be that the film is shot in international locations like Shanghai, Macau, and Istanbul.

First, SkyFall starts with heart-pumping music. Music becomes a key element in the film because it is one of the few aspects that make the film believable. As the conflict in the beginning mellows, the music mellows with it and the audience is immersed in a somber mood. Adele's talent for singing captures my attention immediately and her voice suits the animation of Bond very well.

Secondly the structure of the film makes us feel like we are in the film. The car chase goes through a populated marketplace in Turkey brings back memories of when we were in a crowded marketplace not unlike the one in the film. The structure also includes cinematography at its best. The camera rapidly shifts from London to Turkey several times. It is a juxtaposition of the industrialized nation of Great Britain and the developing nation of Turkey. It also brings into account the reason that Bond goes to third world countries. It is to maintain stability in those regions.

Third, I really enjoy the change in location from Turkey to Mainland China. Rarely in motion pictures do we see images of cities in China that are not well known. Skyfall manages to take us on a journey through Shanghai's roads. Shanghai is expanding by leaps and bounds. It is China's shining city on a hill. When Bond fights in the top floor of the Skyscraper, we notice the glamorous lifestyle of the Chinese compared to the agrarian lifestyle of the Turkish people. Macau is the next city. It is a casino city that is rarely mentioned in the news, but the director chose to give us a glimpse at the mix of old China and new China in Macau.

Lastly, the visual effects and cinematography was amazing.The smooth transition from real life to animation told the events that unfolded afterwards well. The animation was gracefully crafted to make it pleasing to the audience's eye. On top of the flawless animation sequences, the music sung by Adele told us more than we should know about the story. Adele's voice reverberated throughout the theater; as a result, we felt touched by our beautiful voice.

Skyfall is an entertaining film for three reasons.The music, the cinematography, and the filming locations make this movie entertaining. It captured my attention immediately.
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